Its Easy to Apply For a Title Loan in Tarpon Springs, FL

Car title loans in Tarpon Springs FL are loans designed specifically for people whose credit history is damaged. Instead of having us run your credit -- and risk being denied -- you secure the loan by using the title to a vehicle you own as collateral.

These loans are lifesavers for people who are facing desperate financial situations but can't turn to banks or credit unions because their credit score is too low. At Cantrell Car Title Loans, we've helped people facing eviction to pay their rents and get back on track. We've helped parents buy their children's college materials. We've helped college graduates make ends meet until they found the career of their dreams.

Are you in a worrisome financial situation? Is your credit less than ideal? Then keep reading. We might be able to help you as well.

How Vehicle Title Loans in Tarpon Springs FL Work

Auto title loans in Tarpon Springs FL are actually easier to understand than most bank loans. It's just a matter of collateral. With car title loans in Tampa, Florida, your collateral is the title to a car you own. The loan amount we offer you is based on what that car is worth. Cantrell Car Title Loans will then hold your title as surety for your loan while you make your payments, and as soon as you've paid the loan off, we'll give it back to you.

One exciting aspect of title loans is that you don't have to have a job when you apply. As long as you have income, even if it's from a source like child support, alimony or disability, we can approve you!

How to Qualify

If you can say yes to the following three questions, we can put you in one of our car title loans in Tarpon Springs FL today!

  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Do you own a vehicle that is fully paid off?
  • Do you have enough income to make your loan payments?

The vehicle you use as collateral must be paid in full and the title must be in your own name. If you share the title ownership with someone else, you'll both have to come in to apply for the loan jointly.

You'll also need the title in hand. If you've lost your title or had it stolen, you can visit the Tarpon Springs tax collector's office to file for a duplicate title, which we can then use as your collateral.

What do we do with your title while you're making your payments?

We file for a lien at the Department of Motor Vehicles. This lien enables us to sell the vehicle you've used as collateral in the event that you go into default. WE RARELY TAKE THIS STEP. It is a last-resort, extreme measure that we avoid if at all possible. We'll do everything in our power to help you stay on track with your account, even going so far as to restarting your loan to keep you from going into default.

Are Title Loans the Right Choice?

If you have poor credit, your options are painfully limited. You can get a payday loan -- if you have a job and a bank account in good standing -- but you won't get much money and you'll have to repay it in a very short time frame. You can also pawn your things but, again, you won't get much money.

Car title loans in Tarpon Springs FL are the only no-credit-check loans that will provide you with up to thousands of dollars with little more than a handshake. We'll treat you with dignity and help you get back on your feet.

Are you ready to accept that help today? Then get in touch!