Maybe you have past-due bills that could lead to a shutdown of service soon. Or maybe you’ve just been hit with a huge unexpected expense, such as a hospital bill or a home repair. Regardless of your situation, all kinds of people in the same spot have gotten money when they need it through title loans Tampa, and you can, as well. When an expense is too much for your emergency fund or credit cards to handle, auto title loans Tampa provide a fast, convenient way to get cash in your pocket. Here at Cantrell Car Title Loans, we’ve made the application process even simpler, allowing you to apply for car title loans in Tampa online.

The application takes just seconds to fill out. We use that information to pre approve you for a car title loan and calculate a loan estimate, which will be contingent on the condition of your car. Simply head over to the title loans Tampa application form right here on our site, and fill in the following information about your car:

  • Year
  • Model
  • Make
  • Approximate Mileage

Any Required Documentations?


Your ID

You need to get one is your government-issued ID and your car title. We check the birthdate on your ID to verify that you’re at least 18 years of age, which is the minimum to get a title loan.


Your Car Title

We also keep your car title during the loan repayment period, but you get it back as soon as you pay back your loan.


Monthly Income Proof

We will inquire about your monthly income to check that you have steady income and that you’ll be able to pay back what you borrow. If you can bring a paystub or other proof of your income into us, that’s great, but we can also accept an estimate from you.

How It Works

Wondering how exactly title loans work? We’ve got you covered.

Easy Qualifying

That’s one area where this type of loan is far simpler than a loan that you’d get at a bank, where they’d want you to bring in all kinds of financial records and authorize a credit check. Instead of solely relying on credit scores. we use your car's title as collateral for a secure loan.

Federal Regulations

The federal government, for the most part, allows states to come up with their own specific regulations for title loans. That means that title loans Tampa follow the regulations the state of Florida has set.

Interest Rate

Florida is one of the most borrower-friendly states in the nation, particularly in regards to title loan interest rates. The maximum APR that a title loan company can charge on a loan up to $2,000 is 30 percent. For loans between $2,000 and $3,000, the maximum APR is 24 percent, and it’s 18 percent on any loans under $3,000. These interest rates are among the lowest in the nation.

Secured Loans

Auto title loans Tampa are secured loans where the borrower secures the loan with their car as collateral. However, you still get to keep your car throughout the entire loan repayment period, and the only thing that the lender keeps is your car title, which you get back upon repayment. The value of your car is what determines the amount that you can borrow with car title loans in Tampa.

Repayment Period

The standard repayment period for a car title loan is 30 days. If you’re unable to pay the title loan back within that repayment period, you can roll it over to a new period by paying only your interest charges. The loan principal carries over to the new repayment period, and there is another interest charge.


Florida is also very borrower-friendly in terms of repossession laws. The lender must wait at least 30 days after you default on your loan by failing to make a payment before they can repossess your car. They also need to give you notice of the impending repossession and give you a chance to turn your car over to them. At least 10 days before putting your car up for sale, they must provide you with the amount you owe and information on where the sale will occur. You can pay what you owe to get your car back, or go to the sale to try buying your car back that way.

Keep Your Car

The vast majority of title loan borrowers keep their cars the entire time. Lenders would always prefer borrowers to simply pay back their loans, as repossession is a hassle. Here at Cantrell Car Title Loans, we can work with you to come up with a payment solution, just contact us if you’ll need assistance.